The Best Part of Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a season of life unto itself. Sure, there are downsides - insomnia, nausea, and assorted aches and pains as your body adjusts itself around a burgeoning little human - but many moms-to-be find that there are just as many perks. Personally, I loved that pregnancy suddenly allowed me to connect with women eager to revisit their own pre- and early-motherhood experiences. It was a celebratory and exciting time, like being engaged! And of course there was the joy of eating without restraint, dressing to accentuate - not hide - my tummy, and perhaps best of all, 9+ glorious months sans period.

"Baby’s kicks and movements. The connection and bonding. Feeling powerful and full of grace."

Cath, Honolulu

"People treating you nicer."

Regina, Seattle

Eating, eating, and more eating.

Amanda, Honolulu

"Developing and discovering a new part of myself. Coming to terms with the fact that now whatever I do to myself physically and mentally not only affects me, but also that little being growing inside of me!"

Kate, San Francisco

"Giving myself permission to slow down."

Chelsea, Honolulu

"The fact that I was luckily able to be active the whole pregnancy, and my skin was great."

Charlene, Boston

Having the ultimate "excuse" to decline stressful situations, and focus on my wellbeing. And taking naps!

Dana, Oakland

"I love how my body looks when I'm pregnant (especially having bigger boobs!)."

Orly, Las Vegas

"The amazing belly!! I absolutely loved rubbing it all the time!"

Summer, Honolulu

"Being part of a common experience I could talk about with other moms, even when we couldn’t relate on any other level."

Shama, Reno

"Sharing stories with other women."

Lane, France

I was so excited -- I woke up every day feeling like it was Christmas knowing I was growing a baby inside me and would be holding her in my arms!

Raquel, Honolulu

"I felt like I could eat for two - though I was paying for the consequences months after but still soooo worth it!"

Erin, Honolulu

"Feeling her kicks! There's nothing quite like feeling life inside of you."

Michelle, Boston

"Amazement about the human body and its ability to create life."

Olivia, Paris

Just being pregnant after wanting it for so long.

Susie, Honolulu

"Knowing that it was going to be over at some point."

Kara, Kalamazoo


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