Meal Choices That Seemed Perfectly Reasonable While I Was Pregnant

During my first pregnancy, the proprietor of my local Korean restaurant got to know me well. I'd call in an order for a quart of kimchee at a time, then dart sheepishly in and out for pickup, my belly growing increasingly conspicuous with each visit. In addition to spicy pickled cabbage, I was a glutton for McDonald's breakfasts, prosciutto, and bottomless jugs of orange juice - come to think of it, what my body demanded when I was pregnant was pretty much what it craved when I was hungover.

For many moms-to-be, pregnancy cravings are real! But whether they reflect what your baby and body actually need or are just an excuse to indulge in perennial favorites with impunity...that's up for debate :)

I asked a bunch of moms about their kooky culinary preferences during pregnancy, and they did not disappoint!

"Weird cravings like Indian food and kimchi (not together) -- now my son loves both!"

Susie, Honolulu

"I loved eating “palmitos." It’s part of a tree trunk that we use for salads in Ecuador. It’s salty and with an earthy taste."

Michelle, Quito

"I could only tolerate sweet potato and cereal the first months, then craved seafood from there on out. "

Natalie, Philadelphia

"The only food items that didn't make me sick during most of my pregnancy were chocolate glazed donuts and apples. My daughter is made out of donuts and apples!"

Michelle, Boston

"I was never a sweets/dessert person before pregnancy...but during pregnancy, sweets were EVERYTHING."

Lane, France

"Because of the nausea, I really wanted comfort food a lot -- cereals I hadn't eaten in 20 years (like Fruity Pebbles) were my go-to."

Dana, Oakland

"I ate french fries every night. I am not kidding. I craved french fries all the time and they seemed to satisfy every craving. "

Orly, Las Vegas

"I couldn’t stop chewing ice and craved watermelon and lemonade."

Meredith, Westchester County

"I hated vegetables during my first trimester! It was very strange because I expected to want to be very healthy, but I couldn't stand the sight of a salad and only wanted to eat grilled cheeses."

Molly, Honolulu

"I had a banana milkshake every day!"

Kara, Kalamazoo

"Carbs! Pizza, pasta, bread."

Meilan, Honolulu

"McDonald's drive-thru every day of the first trimester."

Whitney, Sleepy Hollow


Regina, Seattle


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