Family Halloween Costume Lineup!

Just when you thought you'd outgrown had a kid.

I used to loooove Halloween -- I only ever wore homemade costumes, and half of the fun was scavenging around online and at thrift stores for all of the components. For Marcel's first Halloween, we made a respectable effort at a family Ratatouille-inspired look, but since then, I've been too sapped to pull together a group theme in time. This year, I stayed at home with 1-week-old Auguste (I guess I was an accidental zombie?), resigned to admiring friends' awesomely creative and inspired disguises via the social media stream. Here are some of my favorites!

Best-Dressed Bumps

One bump, endless possibilities! I think it'll be pretty cool for these babies to look back and know they were rocking Halloween even from the womb.

If you've been pregnant and haven't seen Ali Wong's Netflix special, Baby Cobra, save it in your queue for when you're hating pregnancy and/or parenting and just need to laugh-cry it out.

You know what's even more amazing than a double rainbow? Growing a mini human inside you. Nature is fricking awesome!!

I don't know what's sweeter, this teeny astronaut or his little moon-sibling.

Not one, but two Dr. Seuss-themed bumps! Can't beat elementary school teachers for creativity and resourcefulness.

Favorite Family Costumes

If you're lucky enough to have a warm-weather Halloween, it doesn't get any cuter than a half-nakey baby Bam-Bam with a Dino-dog to boot! The downside of a tropical Halloween? Pumpkins pretty much implode in a matter of days.

You can't not love these killer family superhero ensembles!! They totally nailed both looks, and Bat Girl's tough-guy expression is priceless.

This family pretty much wins Halloween every year. I mean, check out their perfectly executed Golden Girls tableau. There are even tennis balls on the baby/granny walker!!

Okay, first the obvious: nobody has any business looking this damn good within a year of giving birth. WTH?!? These two wonder women are a testament to the power of the female body to nurture, nourish, grow, and kick ass.

Forget the Kikkoman -- if you're from Hawaii, Aloha Shoyu is the only way to sauce your sushi. The wasabi/ginger baby headband is umami-licious.

Confession: Bretman Rock is one of the only celebs/influencers I follow. He's a gender-bending icon for the Instagram age, and I love how he embraces the role of guncle to niece Cleo (kind of an Insta-star in her own right). Here, they stay true to their Hawaii roots with a Lilo and Stitch theme.

Solo Stars

Sometimes last-minute costumes are the best. This impromptu Clark Kent is too dreamy -- that pucker deserves an extra handful of treats!

I think Siddhartha himself would agree that there's a little Buddha in every baby. This cutie just radiates pure love.


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